Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.    Is there a fee for a dog/cat?

A.    Dogs over 10 yrs old are free. Dogs up to 10 yr old a fee of £100 is payable. For cats a fee of £60 is payable.


Q.    Why is there a fee for dogs and cats?

A.    Dogs and cats will be vaccinated, neutered and chipped by Animal Rescue Oldham and the fee goes towards the cost of this.


Q.     Why is there a two week fostering period?

A.     The two week fostering period is to ensure that both the new owner and the dog or cat settle ok. No fee is payable until after a successful fostering period.


Q.     Can I just turn up at the kennels to look at the dogs?

A. Unfortunately as our kennels are at a working farm, you cannot just turn up there. It is however very easy to make an appointment to go and look at any of the dogs you are interested in. Just ring the Charity shop on 0161 626 2230 or call in Monday  to Friday 10am – 4pm. The same applies to cats, it is very easy to make an appointment to view any you are interested in